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JIT / Kanban Manufacturing

1. JIT (Just in time)
The elimination of all waste and continuous improvement of productivity. This means there should be no surplus, there should be no safety stocks, and lead times should be minimal: If you can't use it now, don't make it now.

2. Kanban
A Japanese term for one of the primary tools of a JIT system. It maintains an orderly and efficient flow of material throughout the entire manufacturing process. Usually a printed card that contains specific information such as Part Number, Description, and Quantity.

3. Lean Manufacturing
An overall methodology that seeks to minimize the resources required for production by eliminating waste (non value added activities) that inflate cost, lead times and inventory requirements and emphasizing the use of preventatives, maintenance, quality improvement programs, pull systems, and flexible work forces and production facilities.

4. Demand Flow Technology
Scaleable, mathematically based business strategy. Specifically designed to allow manufacturers to respond faster and more efficiently to the needs of their customers and the marketplace.

Whichever term you use Watts Machining can support your type of manufacturing with our Horizontal Machining Cell.

Hitachi-Seiki HS 500's
Horizontal Machining Cell with 24 Pallets

Machine Specifications:

X - Axis Travel 680 mm (26.8")
Y - Axis Travel 680 mm (26.8")
Z - Axis Travel 680 mm (26.8")
Spindle Speed 60 - 12000 RPM's
Rapid Traverse 1772 I.P.M.
Spindle Motor 30 HP

This system is designed to run 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It is the perfect machine for manufacturing parts complete in one handling to support low/medium/or high quantity JIT/Kanban systems. Once the initial set-up is complete, parts run on a daily or weekly basis depending on customer daily/weekly/monthly delivery requirements. No more placing 500 or 1000 piece orders to keep pricing down. Working towards a JIT/Kanban program allows for customers to place blanket orders to ensure non-interrupted flow of product and at the same time limit their liability of raw material and finished parts. Now even ECO's can be easily incorporated into current runs due to the limited finished products on hand.

This System Is A Purchasing Agent's Dream:

  1. Set-up Cost: Only once
  2. Quality: Job proven out firs run. Never broken down.
  3. Work in Process: Limits customer's liability of raw materials and finished products.
  4. JIT/Kanban support
  5. Un-interrupted flow of product delivery
  6. Hassle free incorporation of ECO's

Please call us and arrange to tour our facilities and check out this new technology. Our new Hitachi-Seiki multi-pallet Horizontal Machining Cell is definitely the wave of the future.


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